SewMyStyle: My First Handmade Activewear!


Crushin’ another 2019 goal to sew activewear with this post today! I feel like goals are super great to have, and even better to work hard to achieve!!! This project was super motivating to me because it combines my two biggest passions: fitness & sewing!!


I started planning this project back in the fall and had different fabric picked out but it sold out by the time I actually got around to purchasing and sewing these tights 😦 Let that be a lesson to you, my sewing friend- if you see some fabulous fabric… JUST GET IT ALL. Please tell me I’m not the only one that has learned this lesson the hard way??? I am pretty pleased with my second choice of fabric, so let’s take a look:


Activewear Fabrics

I ordered this super fun and cheerful big palm leaf fabric by Pine Crest Fabrics from The price per yard seems expensive but I was able to sew these leggings from the yard and half, plus I have enough to make some matching shorties for my girls! The fabric has 70% stretch which is perfect for activewear. It’s a double knit which means more durability and it’s super soft/smooth just like you’d expect from workout leggings!


The white mesh fabric I used for the insets was not my best choice. In fact, I might just seam rip them out and redo that part. I ordered the PolarTec Power Dry White mesh, thinking “power dry” is a good thing since I sweat so much while working out! But, it was too thick and not at all as cute as the super thin, transparent nylon mesh most of my store-bought leggings have. I still love the look of the leggings but if I were to remake them, I’d pick a different mesh for the inset.


Inspire Tights

I used the Inspire Tights pattern from Greenstyle Creations for these leggings. I loved the multiple options for adding insets at the thigh or back of the knee. The low-rise waistband is great because I usually fuss with high-waisted leggings as my waist doesn’t need the extra coverage/control (thanks to CX Worx)! There are multiple finished length options to allow for year-round use. The pattern was a super easy sew and would be great for a beginner sewist.


I did alter the pattern slightly as I wanted the slash insets across the thigh to be a bit thicker to emulate a similar pair I have from Lululemon. I added 1″ to the top and bottom of the front & back inset pieces, extending the sides to fit the original shape of the legging. I then took off 1″ to the top and bottom of the inset cut lines. I am super pleased with the bigger insets!


The fit was spot on with my measurements. The one adjustment I will make next time is to give myself a tiny bit more rise in the back to keep these leggings squat-appropriate 😉